24 June 2024

About us

The Hou group of systems genomics and genetics aims to understand the complexity of biological systems through state-of-art computational and systems biology approaches. Our key research areas include:

  • Regulatory genomics:  we are investigating the dynamics of regulatory networks and epigenomic regulation, and how they change with age, in response to environmental stimuli, and play roles in development or diseases. We design genomic perturbations and study their impact in gene functioning.
  • Disease genetics: understanding diseases is like solving a giant puzzle. We characterize the functions of disease-associated genetic variants in specific tissues/cell types under different conditions. By integrating functional genomic data with quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis, we are piecing together the puzzle to be able to understand each molecular pathway and shed light onto the biology of disease as well as potential treatments. 
  • Precision medicine: with regulatory genomics and disease genetics as our pillars, we strive to pinpoint biomarkers and therapeutic targets for various diseases. Our goal is to pave the way for precision medicine tailed for individual needs. We are specifically interested in brain-related diseases.

We strive to build a diverse and supportive lab environment that promotes a sense of belonging and encourages creativity and collaboration.  We are fostering a vibrant ecosystem where clinical doctors, experimental biologists, computer scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, physicists, and computational biologists can work synergistically. With this collaborative environment, we aim to bridge the gap between clinical and basic biological research.

In essence, we’re explorers charting the genomic landscape to understand how its myriad components interact and shape the traits that make us who we are. As we uncover the molecular mechanisms, we are also connecting our biological selves, the inner selves and the world outside.

Join us in our exciting journey~

One more reason to join Boston University School of medicine with us, because in BU, we only need you to BE YOU!

We are hiring postdoc and data analyst!

For postdoc

We are looking for motivated candidates with expertise in bioinformatics/computational biology (gene regulatory network, epigenomics, deep learning, multi-omics integration) or medical genetics (function of genetic variants, QTL, G by E, genetic interaction, disease subtyping, polygenic risk score), and interested in exploring massive genetic, omic, phenotypic datasets available from Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP) and other consortia where we play active roles. Candidates are expected to have published first-authored paper(s) in prestigious journal in the fields above.

Please send your CV and research statement to leihou@BU.edu, titled “[BU postdoc application]”. 

For data analyst

We are looking for self-driven candidates with rich experience with genetic/genomic data (WGS, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, sc-RNAseq ), and familiar with various pipeline and softwares for quality control, normalization, batch effect correction, differential expression analysis, and etc. 

Please send your CV to leihou@BU.edu, titled “[BU data analyst application]”

For visiting scholars

We are also supporting visiting scholars with advanced degrees (master, PhD, MD, etc. ) with strong motivation to work on cross-disciplinary projects, with great expertise in any of the following domains, including brain disorders, animal or in vitro models for diseases, statistical genetics, genetic/epigenetic regulation, and machine learning/deep learning. 

Please send your CV  and research statement to leihou@BU.edu, titled “[BU visiting scholar application]”




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